Những poster quảng cáo hay trong tuần

Hyundai: Tăng cường nhận thức về ung thư Vú.

Safety Comes First


Harley-Davidson: Halloween Poster

This Halloween, treat yourself to genuine Harley-Davidson parts.


Three. Make it count.

Following every crucial moment. That’s All You Can Eat Data


Regione Lazio: Một mùa đông không lạnh

Winter is not scary anymore, with flu vaccine. Get the vaccination, you’ll reduce the risk of complications and serious diseases.


Tough Slate Design: Chúng tôi đang tuyển dụng.


Donal: Cư dân toàn cầu

Be Annoying.
Become a digital activist. Together we can influence world leaders and decision makers, and contribute to solve the planet’s biggest challenges. Join the movement at globalcitizen.org.


Max Healthcare: Bảo hiểm tối đa

Make way for an Ambulance. Max Healthcare, Issued in public interest by Max Hospitals. In case of an emergency, call 4055 4055.



Hitachi: Hoàn toàn thư giãn

Equal comfort for everyone.
HITACHI Kashikoi 5400i. Air-conditioner with Intelligent Image Sensor Technology detects the number of people in the room, and distributes cooling equally.




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