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Volkswagen: Wolf, Bat, Owl









“Daylight vision. The Bi-Xenon headlights from Volkswagen.” – "Rõ như ban ngày. Đèn Bi-Xenon của Volkswagen"


Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte
Art Directors: Judith Baumgartner, Cindy Huchatz
Copywriter: Nina Faulhaber
Graphic Design: Nilgün Kayapinar-Yikici, George König




Volkswagen Parking Sensor: Garden Dwarf, Hydrant







“Get a Volkswagen with parking sensor.” – "Volkswagen với cảm biến đỗ xe"

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Art Director: Paulo Marco Monteiro
Copywriter: Cesar Herszkowicz
Photographers: Hugo Treu, Estudio Nolan




Volkswagen: The Moose is loose





“Adaptive lights from Volkswagen. Be ahead of dangers.” – "Đèn từ Volkwagen. Đoán trước hiểm nguy"

Advertising Agency: TRY, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Petter Bryde, Thorbjørn Ruud
Art Director: Thorbjørn Ruud
Copywriter: Petter Bryde
CGI: Thomas Bråten, Ole Jakob Skattum Bø
Photographer: Sigve Aspelund




Raid: Helicopter, Flashlight







Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Dragos Radulescu
Art Director / Illustrator: George Popa
Copywriter: Adina Stanescu




Pictionary: Bear, Helicopter, Ship









“Tea, but funny. Nestea.” – "Trà, nhưng vui hơn. Nestea"

Advertising Agency: Publicis Publicitas, Quito, Ecuador

Creative Director: Alvaro Noboa S.

Art Director / Illustrator: Gabriel Calderon

Copywriter: Javier Ramirez

Photographer: Carlos Santana




Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Belum Temengor Petition: Tapir,









Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: David Sin
Art Director: Richard Chong
Copywriter: Nadia McDonald
Producer: Peter Soo
Illustrators: Jack Wong, Vince Low, Richard Chong




Mais Printing House: Tattoo, Haircut, Surgery









“Avoid disappointing results.” – "Khắc phục những kết quả thất vọng"

Advertising Agency: Mohallem/Artplan, São Paulo, Brazil
Agency website: http://www.mohallemartplan.com.br
Creative Director: Eugênio Mohallem / Head of Art: Marcus Kawamura
Art Director: André Batista
Copywriter: Rodrigo Resende
Illustrator: André Batista, Ellyson Lifante e Caio Miranda
Photographer: Guto Nóbrega
Retouching: Ariê Magalhães
Published: August 2010




King’s Stella: Rose, Lily, Jasmine









Advertising Agency: McCann, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Theerapol Koomsorn
Copywriter: Theerapol Koomsorn, Sorn Manawanitcharoen
Art Director: Akaroj Vorabunpott
Photographer: Chubcheevit
Studio: Chubcheevit




BelCuore Café: Sleepy Housewife, Sleepy Contractor, Sleepy Dentist, Sleepy Driver










“BelCuore Cafe. Please don’t go.” – "Belcuore Cà phê. Xin đừng đi"

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, São Paulo, Brazil
VP Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Directors: Fred Saldanha, Claudio Lima
Art Director: Pedro Izique
Copywriters: Fred Saldanha, Claudio Lima
Illustrator: Arthur D’Araujo
Published: August 2010




Autan: Barbecue, Fishing, Dinner








Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Dragos Radulescu
Art Director: George Grosescu
Copywriter: Andrei Zabet
Illustrator: George Grosescu




ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi): Yellow, Green, Red, Blue










Advertising Agency: DDB, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Luca Albanese, Francesco Taddeucci
Copywriter: Elena Carella
Art Director: Hugo Gallardo Dominguez
Illustrator: Niniopiruuu
Postproduction: Artout Creative Group / Claudio Luparelli




Alka Seltzer: Cow, Pig, Shrimp









Advertising Agency: BBDO, Guatemala City, Guatemala
General Creative Director: Victor García
Regional Creative Director: Hermann von der Meden
Creative Director: Heber Flores
Art Director: Heber Flores
Illustrator: Heber Flores
Account Director: Eduardo Varela
Published: August 2010


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